Download & Install STI-GMaS (Windows, 64 bit)

Download Pre-requisite Software

Download & Install

  • STI-GMaS is available as a bolt-on project to the CHASTE software, and can be downloaded from here. New users will be required to enter their details into the form at the bottom of this page, and select "projects/" as the file to download.The Windows version of STI-GMaS can be downloaded via the button to the right.

  • Once downloaded, extract the zip file to a new folder called STI-GMaS.

  • To run STI-GMaS, navigate to this folder, and double click on the file STI-GMaS.bat.
    (A shortcut to this file can be added to the Desktop / Start Menu if desired.)

Operating System Compatibility

STI-GMaS is built and optimised for an Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (12.04 LTS) operating system. However, the software should also be compatible with other linux based operating systems (including newer versions of Ubuntu) and Mac OS X, provided that they meet the the requirements of CHASTE given here, and are compatible with the software listed below.

STI-GMaS can also be run on any 64 bit Windows operating system; however, a linux build is recommended in order to minimise computational time.




Update the System Path

  • Java and Paraview must both be added to the standard Windows system path. Do this on Windows 7 as follows:

    • Go to Start Menu, Control Panel, System & Security, System, Advanced System Settings, and select the “Environment Variables” button.

    • Under “System variables”, click “Path” and “Edit”.

    • The locations of Java and Paraview need to be appended to the end of the existing text in the "Variable value" box, separated by semi-colons. The exact installation directories can vary slightly between machines, but by default the text should read something like

            existing text; C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_55\bin; C:\Program Files (x86)\ParaView 4.1.0\bin

      (On some machines, the "(x86)" can be omitted.) Enter the appropriate text and press OK.